Consultancy and Project Services

Apart from the design and carrying out of grassroots campaigns and programme, the organization is actively participating in project proposals subject to funding by international and EU bodies, such as the European Commission. HFC offers proffesional advice on project writing, management, implementation and evaluation procedures according to the areas of its expertise. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Project management
  • Developing child protection systems
  • Educational issues (including vocational training)
  • Formal, informal and non-formal learning contexts
  • Violence against children (including abuse, exploitation, trafficking, smuggling, bullying and other)
  • Research compilation and production
  • Legal processes and the justice system (including juvenile justice and child-friendly justice)
  • Poverty reduction strategies
  • Political contexts (including migration issues)

The institution has the capacity to compile project proposals corresponding to open calls for project submission and an ad hoc basis, according to the needs identified on the ground and while seeking to maximize the impact of allocated funds for interested stakeholders, beneficiaries and target groups. HFC has also a wide range of partner organizations and affiliate networks, through which it expands its funding options, customizes its services to partners’ needs and forms part of the delivery of one-time or long-term sustainable projects into the community.

Our organization’s human resources are internally consisted of a range of expert individuals, able to be consulted on their areas of specialism by other individuals and fellow institutions. “Hope For Children” can and has been listed as an external consultant on a number of projects, where its services are provided on a temporary basis or for a project’s duration, subject to a fee for the services offered.

The overall impact of our consultancy and project services is that partners have access to more thorough expertise than their given in-house capacity and can remunerate services offered according to their requirements and desire.