August 19, World Humanitarian Day: Today is the day to celebrate the selfless and heroic acts by humanitarians all around the world.

Each year 19 August marks the day, in 2003, when the UN Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq were bombed and 22 people lost their lives. Ever since, the World Humanitarian Day is an occasion to commemorate the brave men and women who risk attack, injury and death in humanitarian service.


In today’s world, more than 100 million people need urgent, life-saving humanitarian assistance just to survive. More than 60 million have been forced to flee their homes. The United Nations and the European Union have long been partners in delivering life-saving aid when conflict, war and natural disasters strike, with millions of lives saved every year. Though the dissemination of aid would not be possible without the dedicated humanitarian workers around the world who seek to help the world’s most vulnerable people.


Killings, kidnappings and attacks are daily risks in a world where 80% of humanitarian aid is being delivered to civilians in conflict zones. Over the last decade, the risk humanitarians face of being attacked has significantly increased. Violence and insecurity prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid where help is most needed.


On World Humanitarian Day let us honor and celebrate the courage and heroism of humanitarians, the people who risk their own lives and comfort to help the world’s most vulnerable people and to provide emergency aid to the victims of crises.Director-General  "Hope For Children" UNCRC Policy Center  calls on all parties involved in conflict to respect International Humanitarian Law and allow humanitarian organisations and workers secure and unhindered access to those who are in need.