The European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN) was funded by the Leonardo da Vinci EU programme. Established to explore issues that are relevant to 'CulturaI Learning' practitioners, the whole range of artistic and cultural practice that is delivered by artists and creative people within and across 3 different situations: informal - through the ad-hoc sharing of knowledge and skills between people within informal artist networks; non-formal - occurring in cultural or art centres or through cultural and community associations; within arts-based projects and programmes targeted at specific communities or young people; or to promote, support and develop specific cultural or artistic practice; formal - classes, workshops, lectures or seminars as part of a formal learning programme in school, college, adult education or university. ECLN explored and piloted new ways of supporting European Cultural Learning professionals and their organisations and increase the profile and connectivity of the sector as well as supporting its vocational education and training (VET) needs.