“Can anyone hear me?”

The International, Humanitarian and Independent Institution “Hope For Children” UNCRC Policy Center, proudly and being highly conscious of the responsibility undertaken, announces the publishing of the “Can anyone hear me?” manual for the Participation of children in juvenile justice, a manual on how to make European juvenile justice systems child-friendly. The manual was composed and published in the frame of the “Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe: Training for professional” project (JUST/2013/FRC/ AG), in which “Hope For Children” UNCRC Policy Center participates as national partner for Cyprus, under the guidance of the International Juvenile Justice Observatory who coordinate the project and the network of partners (organisations, agents, authorities) from 13 EU Member-States.

The  “Can anyone hear me?” manual constitutes a pioneer outcome aiming to concentrate, summarize and compose in a corpus all the principles and guidelines in regards to children in conflict with the law and also to establish and disseminate the best practices as for young offenders’ rights and child-friendly judicial procedures.

The content of the manual covers an unprecedented number of relevant issues: from the International and European standards in juvenile justice, the fundamental rights of young offenders, the parents’ role, the requirements of the effective participation of young offenders in the proceedings to the conversation techniques in Court, the suitable use of the language and the terminology, the post-trial monitoring and support of the young offender.

Especially for the context of Europe, the publishing and the dissemination of the “Can anyone hear me?” manual is the climax of “Hope For Children’’ UNCRC Policy Center’s efforts towards setting the foundations for future interventions in the juvenile justice system. The fragmentation of the national juvenile justice and the  lack of an internal unifying axon, cause, among other reasons, a lot of distortions on the perception of child and youth delinquency and also the means of coping with it.

The “Can anyone hear me?” manual followed the 1st Round Table Meeting with institutions and agents, organized by “Hope For Children’’ UNCRC Policy Center  where the project “Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe: Training for Professionals” and the main points of the manual were presented. Following the publishing of the manual, trainers of “Hope For Children’’ UNCRC Policy Center  will proceed with the transmission of the know-how they were provided during the project’s meeting in Brussels to national authorities, agents and organizations in Europe.