"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center honors the European Anti-Trafficking Day, showing a particular interest to child victims of trafficking.

Every year on October 18th we honor the EU Anti-Trafficking Day. This day was established by a European Union initiative, and aims to highlight the need for more effective measures to prevent and combat human trafficking, one of the most heinous crimes against humanity. It is estimated that each year 21 million people become victims of trafficking, of which 800,000 in the European Union.

It is known that Europe goes through the worst humanitarian crisis in its late history.  In January 2016 more than 10.000 refugee children have gone missing since arriving in Europe, searching a better future. The majority of them are unfortunately trafficking victims. According to the Global Initiative of the UN to fight Human Trafficking, children are trafficked for forced labor, domestic work, becoming child soldiers, begging and working on construction sites and plantations, while unfortunately the majority of them become victims of sexual exploitation. Child girls are trafficked for forced labor and domestic work, but most often end up being sexually exploited by their employers. Organs trade is unfortunately another horrific cause of child trafficking.

In the case of Cyprus, according to the US State Department’s assessment, the numbers for child trafficking are quite low, which should not give us motive for reassurance as lack of visibility does not state absence.  We should not forget that the number of victims of trafficking for labor and sexual exploitation purposes are multiple.

The goal of "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center is to ensure universal acknowledgment of the fact that child and adult trafficking is a growing phenomenon, in both the national and international levels, and our awareness and ability to recognize this is crucial to our contribution in the fight to eradicate it.