The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is part of the Erasmus+ Programme – the EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport. EVS provides young people aged 17-30 a real life experience with an opportunity to express personal commitment through full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country. The EVS framework will enable the volunteers to be exposed and involved in an inter-cultural learning experience within a non-formal education environment by developing an individual learner’s plan.

The main theme of the EVS project is “Children” as well as the issues surrounding unaccompanied minors, such as social exclusion and discrimination. By operating the children's shelters "Homes For Hope" and offering non-formal education seminars, among other youth initiatives, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center has developed a fertile ground for EVS activities. 

The specific objectives of the proposed EVS project are to:

  • Foster mutual understanding between young people from different countries
  • Develop solidarity and promote acceptance among young people, promoting social cohesion in the European Union
  • Foster understanding of social issues that youth and children face every day
  • Promote participation amongst youth
  • Develop key transferable skills to the participants, i.e., social competences, sense of initiative, language and communication skills
  • Develop understanding of the European and international social issues amongst youth.

Volunteering in another country is a great opportunity to experience an international environment and make new friends from different cultures and languages, whilst helping others and learning new skills for a personal and professional development that can be useful in the future.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is part of the Erasmus+ Programme, the EU Programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. EVS encourages young people to participate in volunteering projects with the aim of actively contributing to achieving the goals of an organization abroad.

Volunteering projects can involve many different kinds of activities in areas such as youth work, cultural activities, social care or environmental protection. In particular, the EVS framework enables the volunteers to be involved in an inter-cultural learning experience within a non-formal education environment by developing an individual learner’s plan certified Europe-wide.


Volunteering for “Home for Hope” project

The project, based at “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center’s Shelters, has developed a fertile ground for EVS activities. In particular, it aims to:

  • contribute to the rehabilitation and integration of the unaccompanied minors hosted by the Institution;
  • provide psychosocial support and counselling;
  • establish mechanisms of durable solution for family tracing, assessment and reunification;
  • provide non-formal education seminars and other youth initiatives in order to tackle social exclusion and discrimination, and guarantee protection and safety to the unaccompanied minors.


Volunteering for “Stand Up for Children’s Rights, Initiative and Research” project

From 2017, the “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center’s EVS Programme is also available at the Headquarters with the main objective of associating challenging issues and implications for practice such as social or cultural discrimination, gender-based violence, sexual abuse, bullying, missing children, children on the move, and other phenomena concerning the implementation of children's rights.

Specifically, the EVS volunteer at the HQ has the responsibility to foster mutual understanding amongst diverse young people, promote tolerance and acceptance, and develop transferable skills in the field of children's rights at the level of research and designing concrete initiatives.


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