From September 2017, “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center has implemented the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Campus Club at the English School and the American International School in Cyprus. The purpose of this programme is to educate children on their rights established in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and highlight the current issues that young people face in the event that their rights are violated. Under the supervision of a facilitator from “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center, the students will explore various topics, such as ‘cyber bullying’, human rights abuse, and gender-based violence and discrimination.

The participants will be committed to attending the Club meetings after classes once a week throughout the academic year. In particular, from September to December the students will understand how children can exercise their rights and respond effectively to violations through experiential workshops, games, role playing and other activities, learning about the resources available with regard to the issues covered. In December, after the completion of the non-formal education training, a formal ceremony will be held in which students will receive certificates, establishing them as Student Ambassadors of “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center. During the second half of the school year, January through June, the students will exercise their ambassadorial skills. With the assistance of the Club supervisors, students will be encouraged to create, organize, and host various events - such as workshops and awareness-raising campaigns - to educate their peers regarding what they have learned in the first part of the CRC Campus Club, as well as reaching their communities beyond the school environment. The Student Ambassadors of “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center will also have the opportunity of assisting the Organisation at its various events in an official capacity. Through participation in the CRC Campus Clubs, students will strengthen their leadership, communication, organization, critical thinking, and observation skills, as well as professionalism.