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Kristina Marku
Child Protection Coordinator

Kristina Marku studied Law at the University of Nicosia and then continued her studies in International and European Public Law at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Since Kristina finished her studies, she has worked with a number of organizations, private and public, as a legal advisor or researcher on issues pertaining to human rights, migration and asylum.  She did her pupilage at the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus (Attorney General’s Office) at the Public Law Department. In 2013 she successfully took the Cyprus Bar Association Exams in order to acquire a practicing lawyer license. 

Currently Kristina is working at “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center's Humanitarian Division in Nicosia, as a Child Protection Coordinator and she is providing day to day operational support in the shelter and legal support to the minors residing there.