The event took place at the end of the Advanced International Law Course held by Prof. Maria Caterina Baruffi. The thread of the lessons and of the teaching laboratories delivered by the Verona European Documentation Center during the course dealt with the international-European instruments and guarantees to promote and protect the rights of migrant children, in particular if they are unaccompanied. During the round table, introduced by Prof. Baruffi, the students exposed the results of their research to the audience and asked questions from experts.

The round table was part of the national project for the European Year of the Development realized by the EDC Italian Network in partnership with the Representation of the European Commission in Italy.

In addition to the program, a summary of the students’ presentations, the press release on UNIVR magazine, and the interview to the organizers are available on the EDC website ( 

Before the summer, on the same site the students’ reports reviewed will be available in a special number of the e-journal European Law Papers ( ). The proceedings of the round table, with the expert’s contributions, will be published in the series of the Department of Law.