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2nd Transnational Meeting of ‘CARE’ Project Partners

The 2nd meeting of the partners of the European project "Leaving with Care-Living with Care" ("CARE") implemented with the co-financing of the European Program for Rights, Equality and Citizenship, took place online on the 2nd of February, 2021.

Specifically, the meeting was attended by the research team of the Organization "The Smile of the Child" which is the Coordinator partner of the CARE project, as well as representatives of the organization "SOS IL TELEFONO AZZURRO ONLUS" from Italy, the organization "Hope For Children CRC Policy Center” from Cyprus and the organization “BRAVE PHONE ”from Croatia.

The "CARE" project aims to train representatives of institutions and authorities involved in the processes of investigation, removal from the family environment and placement of minors who have suffered traumatic experiences, in premises where minors are accommodated. Stakeholders in the "front line" such as the Police, prosecution authorities, hotlines, social and medical services, participate in a series of actions aimed at preventing, treating and reducing any traumatic experiences that children may have during these procedures.

In this context, during this meeting, the project team made an overview of all its actions and completed deliverables. During the first meeting, partners discussed the form of the working groups in Croatia, Italy, Greece and Cyprus with the participation of professionals from the Police, the Prosecution Authorities, the social and medical services, the providers and operators of child care facilities, the providers and operators’ helplines and educational institutions.

At the same time, participants discussed the conduct of the study on the training needs of the professionals of the "front line" bodies for developing a range of trauma-centered approaches at European level, to address the traumatic experiences that children may experience during the investigation process, removal from the family environment and placement in accommodation premises.

All the resulting material will be used to create a Manual for Professionals. Its aim is to contribute to the better detection, identification and treatment of traumatic experiences that children may experience during the processes of investigation, removal, and placement in living spaces, while promoting cross-sectoral coordination, cooperation and mutual understanding between public authorities, NGOs and educational institutions to address children's traumatic experiences.

Finally, the management and financial monitoring procedures of the project were analyzed as well as the implemented and planned publicity, dissemination actions and the next steps of the project implementation.

More information about the "CARE" project can be found on its website at: www.project-care.eu

The CARE program (REC-RRAP-GBV-AG-2019-881561) is co-financed by the European Union Program on Rights, Equality and Citizenship (2014-2020). The contents of this post represent the sole responsibility of the author and are the sole responsibility of the author. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for the use of the information contained therein.

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