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Donation by KWAK

Hope For Children Donation APP

Each month millions of mobile phone users are not using the included SMS in their operators mobile plan because they are using alternative messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal or other messaging platforms. These users have already paid for these SMS with their individual mobile plan but the included text messages are not used.

Together with our partner KWAK Telecom ltd. we have developed the Hope For Children Donation APP to facilitate these SMS packages for doing good and and give the option to those mobile users to donate a minor amount per SMS.

With our new app you can decide how many SMS out of your mobile plan you want to donate to "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center without creating additional cost but having a great impact on the development of HFC's initiatives.

You can donate your SMS' on time or you can choose to donate SMS on a monthly basis. Of course you can change or stop the number of SMS being donated any time through the application.

For each SMS 0,4 cent (0,004 Euro) are donated to "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center. This doesn't sound too much but if we can accomplish to convince many users to donate SMS they anyway don't use the impact is going to be massive!

Support Hope For Children in 3 little Steps:

1. Download the Hope For Children Donation App in Google Play Store

2. Decide how many SMS you would like to donate (onetime or on a monthly basis)

3. Follow the statistics in your App to see how many SMS you have donated.


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