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«Hope For Children» CRC Policy Centre supports the young cyclist Stavriana Kanarkoti

The Director-General for «Hope For Children» CRC Policy Centre Mr. Joseph Borghese announced with great joy the Organization’s support towards the young cyclist, Stavriana Kanarkoti.

This initiative is a part of the Organization’s efforts to encourage children and young people to get involved in sports. At the same time, the support towards young Stavriana Kanarkoti aims to transfer the message towards children and young people to spend their leisure time with essential and constructive activities that promote and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The Director-General of Hope For Children wished the young cyclist to continue her successful progress in the championships of the sport she is participating. Furthermore, Ms. Andria Neocleous the Director of the Humanitarian Division of the Organization, expressed her wish that through her participation, young Stavriana will encourage the engagement of even more young girls into sports that are usually characterized by a greater male participation, like cycling is.

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