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Hope For Children helping children and families affected by the war in Ukraine

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center announces a series of humanitarian actions aiming to support children and families who have been affected by the war in Ukraine.

For this purpose Hope For Children established partnership with the network of International volunteers named CY4UA – Cyprus for Ukraine, while also working with its partner-organizations through the networks Missing Children Europe, European Guardianship Network and Child Helpline International who are active in the field in Ukraine’s neighboring countries. 

Always responding to humanitarian crisis and showing sensitivity and solidarity towards Ukrainian adults and children who have been affected by the war Hope For Children aims to implement the following actions:

  • Provision of basic needs items and support services to families of Ukrainian origin who have been stranded in Cyprus,
  • Provision of humanitarian aid (clothing, medical supplies and dry food) to Ukraine’s neighboring countries hosting the refugees
  • To the Ukrainian families stranded in Cyprus because of the war, Hope For Children will offer psychological, social and legal support including individual needs assessment, support to secure accommodation, facilitation to access health and government services, access of children to education, implementation of psycho-social activities for children and covering of other needs occurring for every case individually.

The public can support these actions by:

-Making monetary donations to Hope For Children:

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center USA

Citi Bank

Account number: 6868777321

Routing number: 021000089

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