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Hope For Children on #NotFoundDay 2020: Making an effort to change missing children’s lives

On September 25th and for the third consequent year, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center joins the Missing Children Europe campaign the NotFound, a software which turns useless 404 error pages into missing children posters.  

To also mark the occasion, we challenge you to take part in the #NotFoundPledge which aims to encourage schools, organisations, as well as the general public to spread the word about the ingenious application. Just think, by simply implementing the NotFound software onto your website and pledging to spread the word about NotFound to your contacts, you will help widen the search for children that are missing.  

With the help of missing children organisations providing data for the error pages and partners using the platform, posters of missing children were displayed almost 120 million times across 7 European countries, including Cyprus! 

Hope For Children together with the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO), operates in Cyprus the European Harmonized Line 116000. The Missing Children hotline 116000 is a tool for the prevention and handling of missing children cases, access to support services for the families of missing children and coordination with authorities and NGOs at national and international level. 

Within this collaboration framework, Hope For Children and SPAVO stablished the Child Alert mechanism in Cyprus. This enables all relevant stakeholders to work under a unified system in order to enhance the efforts of the police to trace missing children and combat this phenomenon. 

What is NotFound and NotFound app? 

NotFound is an easy and FREE web software and web app that makes a difference in the lives of missing children, giving hope to their families. With NotFound, website owners can replace their ‘404 Error - Not Found’ pages with posters and details of missing children. It functions worldwide by incorporating geo-localized technology and users only see the details of missing children provided by partners in the nearest area. Following the evolution of the era, digital media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar social networks, contribute significantly to the identification of missing children. 

Want to join? 

1)Help find missing children across Europe by simply implementing the NotFound web software onto your website – turning useless error pages into supporting a worthy cause. 

2)Spread the word about NotFound to as many contacts to ensure we take part in finding missing children across Europe. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #NotFoundPledge and tag us on social media: 

Twitter: @infouncrc  @notfoundorg @MissingChildEU 

FB: Hopeforchildren.crcpolicycenter   MissingChildrenEurope 

#NotFoundPledge raised! 

Spread the word about the @notfoundorg and help find missing children. 

How? Download the NotFound to your website – it will convert all useless 404 error pages into posters of missing children. Don't forget to nominate 3 people. Good luck! 

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is a member of the Missing Children Europe. For more information, please contact the European Missing Children Hotline 116000 or the Hope For Children Helpline 1466.

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