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Andria Angastiniotou

Humanitarian Division Deputy Director

Andria Angastiniotou holds the position as the Deputy Director of the Humanitarian Sector of the Organization and works mainly on programs with unaccompanied children as well as in the underwriting program. In the past, he worked as a Social Worker and Policy Officer of Hope For Children CRC Policy Center by working with cases of unaccompanied minors. She has completed her studies in Social Work at Fredrick University. The main theme of her dissertation was de-institutionalization, covering the issues of social isolation, social inclusion and integration.

He also worked in Mental Health Services (Athalassa Hospital) for two academic semesters, where he had the opportunity to get in touch with people who face all forms of social exclusion, such as people with disabilities, people with mental and psychological disorders , young people, the elderly and children, economic or political migrants.