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Andria Angastiniotou

Humanitarian Division Deputy Director

Andria Angastiniotou is the Deputy Director of the Humanitarian Division of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center since 2016, and a member of the management team of the Organization. Previously, Andria worked as a Social Worker and Policy Officer of HFC, with focused practice in children’s casework.

She graduated with Bachelor degree in Social Work (BA) and with a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management (MA) from CIIM.

Andria’s current position encompasses supervising the Humanitarian Divisions programs of HFC, predominantly the Foster Care Program and the programs for unaccompanied children which consists of the ‘’Homes for Hope’’-shelters and the Semi-Independent Living programs. In addition to the supervision of the Humanitarian Division programs, Andria is also actively involved in the design and preparation of national funding project proposals

Her expertise & specialization lie in the fields of children’s rights and policy making, and is highly passionate and dedicated to contribute to social change.