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Antonia Diikiti

Social Worker

Antonia Diikiti

Antonia Diikiti is working at the humanitarian department of "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center as a Social Worker. She  graduated the Technological Institute of Crete (TEI of Heraklion), the School of Occupations of Health and Welfare of the Department of Social Work.  She holds a degree in Social Work and is member of the Council of Registration of Professionals of Social Workers in Cyprus and member of the Association of Social Workers of Cyprus. 

She has been trained in Systemic Psychotherapy and Counseling at the Center for Personal Development and Psychotherapy in Nicosia. At this stage she a Master’s Degree student of Social Work: "Clinical Social Work with Family, Children and Adolescents" at Frederick University. During her studies she completed her six-month practical training at Famagusta District Welfare Office. During the internship, she collaborated with communities to inform and plan actions in the wider community in cooperation with external and internal stakeholders. 

She has formed groups of elder people in order to deal with problems and to educate on health and employment programs. She also co-operated with schools and teachers, designing, coordinating, organizing groups of children aged 9-11 for children's social development, racism, tackling socialization difficulties, environmental awareness, volunteering and recycling. 

She has been working with parents on issues related to studentsShe also participates voluntarily in events taking place in the community where she is fromShe was a volunteer during the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games held in South Korea in 2018.