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Elena Louroutziati

Senior Advisory Board Member

Elena Louroutziati was born in Famagusta on August 12th, 1968. She attended the 5th High School of Limassol. She studied English, French, History of Art and Public Relations in London and Switzerland.

Through her works she currently supports charity organizations of the city:

  • Member of the Association of Friends of ‘’Agia Skepi’’.
  • President of the Association of Friends of ‘’Agia Skepi’’.
  • Member of the Anticancer Association in Larnaca.
  • Member of the Foundation Christina Apostolou.
  • Member of the Foundation Archbishop Loukas.
  • Vice President of the Foundation Iasonio, Foundation "Life Colour", Centre for Adults with disabilities over 21 in Larnaca.
  • Contribution to the Establishment and Operation of the Shield of ‘’Aiada’’
  • Strengthening the Social Grocery of Larnaca.

She also participates as:

  • President of the Centre Melathron Evgirias
  • Honorary member of the Federation of Parents Association of Pre-primary Education Larnaca putting the Federation under her auspices.
  • Vice President of the Association of Parents and Guardians of Elementary School Drosias
  • Member of the Lyceum of Greek Women Famagusta