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Evridiki Georgiou

Operations Manager

Evridiki Georgiou is the Operations Manager at Hope for Children CRC Policy Center. She is a Sociologist and completed her studies at the University of Toronto (Canada).  During practicum she worked at the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (Ontario, Canada) in the Children’s Aid department and Youth and Law department. Additionally during practicum she worked at the Toronto Metropolitan Police Services in the Specialized Operations Command ROPE (Repeat Offenders Parole Enforcement) force.

She has worked 17 years in NGO’s for Individuals with Mental and Intellectual Disabilities, specifically for 12 years as a Deputy Director/Sociologist (2000-2012) and respectively as a Director (2016). In the position of Deputy Director/Sociologist she developed, overlooked implementation and evaluated programs specific to the physical and mental health service care plans for service users. Additionally, she developed, implemented and evaluated policies, programs and economic progress of NGO by ensuring compliance with all regulatory government bodies and best of care interest of service users.  Was actively involved in staff enrollment, training and development, supervising classified staff, students and professional therapeutic service contractors. As a Director she was responsible for the leadership, development and management of NGO with respect to operational, internal care programs, human resources, financial, community advocacy and risk management. She also worked at the St. Georges University of London Medical School (Unic) in the Clinical Placement and Program Management Department (2019).

She has been trained by the Institute of Applied Behavior Analysis (IABA) in Positive Practices in Behavioral Support and in Psychological Support for Medical Students with Mental Illness at Unic Medical School.