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Tanya Herring, Ph.D.

Bangor University, Wales UK

Chair holder, University: Ph.D. Tanya Herring Observatory on Human Rights of Children, Bangor University Law School

Tanya Herring, Ph.D. Education, Doctor of Management and Doctoral Candidate, International Criminal Law and International Human Rights researches in the area of the prevention and protection measures and mechanisms against the multiple forms of exploitation of children, legal empowerment, and self-determination, with focus on the stateless child, refugee and non-refugee. Dr. Herring’s specialized training with the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, the Université de Genève on Children’s Rights, has further supported her global engagement of international government officials, legal and academic practitioners, and a host of child advocates through symposiums, lectures, and workshops in North America (Canada, USA), Southeast Asia (Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand), the Oceania Region (Australia, New Zealand), Russia, and across multiple areas of Europe (Hungary, Serbia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK).

As a scholar-practitioner in management and workforce development, her expertise has extended to the Southern Pacific Micronesian Islands, Panama, and included USA government officials, practitioners, and academics, on innovative processes that shift existing concepts to improve practice. Her educational approach has been presented at the UK Higher Education Academy and been lauded by the USA Washington DC-based Literacy Center. She has been awarded the Santander University Mobility Award, the Llewelyn Williams Foundation Studentship Award, among others. Her research and body of work has formulated into multiple book chapters, articles, and other publications to continually improve practitioners.