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Kristina Panteli

School Psychologist

Kristina Panteli is working at “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Centre as a School Psychologist at Homes For Hope for unaccompanied children in Larnaca. She provides evaluation and psychological support to unaccompanied children and support and consultation to supports officers of the shelter on children’ issues. Moreover, she provides psychological support and counseling services to external cases which are referred to the organization. In addition, she actively delivers lectures and workshops to students, teachers and parents.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a three-year Master’s degree in Applied School Psychology from University of Cyprus. In this period, she has been attending to a one–year educational program in “Psychotherapy of Children and Adolescent” from the Systemic Institute of Cyprus.

Kristina has extensive experience in School Psychology, providing evaluation and diagnosis services to children and adolescents. Moreover, she had been providing intervention and counseling services to parents, children and adolescents. Worth-noting are also her collaborations with the Cyprus Cyber Ethics Center as a line operator officer and with the Cyprus National Addiction Authority as a psychologist conducting preventive programs to vulnerable groups of children and their families.

Additionally, she has worked as a psychologist in programs of the Youth Board Services e.g. “Mikri Arktos” and 1410 Counseling line.  She has also been an external collaborator – psychologist for the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth (MECSY) by providing workshops and implementing preventive and intervention programs in primary and secondary schools.

Finally, she worked for the Educational Psychology Service and in the program of  MECSY the “New Modern Apprenticeship” (Νέα Σύγχρονη Μαθητεία), providing workshops, counseling services to parents and teachers and also providing individual / group counseling to adolescents who have dropped out the typical educational  learning system.