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Lidija Vujičić

Rijeka University, Croatia

Chair holder, University: Lidija Vujičić, Rijeka University

Lidija Vujičić, PhD, is a pedagogue, a Full Professor and a current Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Rijeka, Croatia. She is the founder and the head of the Centre for Childhood Research at the same Faculty. Her scientific interests include: early and preschool education; new paradigm of the child and childhood; the culture of educational institutions; (co)construction of curriculum, initial education of preschool teachers; professional development of teachers/preschool educators; action research.

Ms. Vujičić teaches at the postgraduate doctoral study of pedagogy, held at the Faculty of Arts and Social Studies in Rijeka. As a researcher, she participated in several research projects, published a series of research papers and participated in numerous international and national conferences. She is currently leading the scientific project entitled ‘The Culture of Educational Institutions as a Factor in the (Co)construction of Knowledge’.