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Rodoula Papalambrianou

Social Worker

Rodoula Papalambrianou is working as a Social Worker/Family Counselor at Children’s house and she manages cases of sexually abused children through a multidisciplinary framework.

Rodoula Papalambrianou has graduated as a Social Worker and she also has achieved a master degree on Criminology. Furthermore, she was trained at Family/Systemic Psychotherapy and Counselling and she has completed a training course on “Solution Focused Therapy” of Brief in London, as well. During her studies, she has completed her practical training at Psychiatric Clinic in General Hospital and at Athalassas’ Hospital. After completing her studies, Rodoula worked at a Public Children’s Mental Health Center in Athens, specifically at the adolescents’ therapeutic department. Moreover, she has worked at Social Welfare Services at Juvenile Delinquency department where she was responsible for young offenders’ cases and she was contributing in family violence cases as well.

Furthermore, she has worked for two continuing years at a Secondary School, where she created and implemented an alternative psychosocial education program for high risk students/young offenders, cooperating with the Ministry of Education.

Following, she has conducted seminars and educational workshops in Cyprus Prisons after the completion of a European training in Italy on the acquisition of skills and opportunities for social reintegration.

At the same time, she has worked as a self-employed Family Counselor/Psychotherapist, offering counselling at adolescents, couples and families. Rodoula, was an external partner of Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, conducting seminars to teachers-schools and parents for two academic years.