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Zoi Kinikli

Clinical Psychologist

Zoi Kinikli

Zoi Kinikli is a licenced Clinical Psychologist practitioner and currently working at the “Hope For Children HFC” CRC Policy Center. She is based at the “Children’s House”, implementing assessment and intervention for cases of suspected child sexual abuse, as well as written psychological reports or giving testimony at trials.

She has received her BSc from University of Nicosia and her MA in Clinical and Health Psychology from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. She is currently completing her four years training οn Integrative Psychotherapy at the Cyprus Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy.

Zoi has previously worked as a Programme Officer in the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, in counselling services through the National Helpline for Domestic Violence and one-to-one therapeutic sessions with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Additionally, she was giving training seminars to children, adolescents and other professionals through workshops and interactive workshops about Domestic and Gender Based Violence. In the past Zoi worked in Makarios Hospital, Thalasaimia department, providing psychotherapy to chronic patients and developing therapeutic protocols supporting the patients and their families to cope with the negative effects of the illness.