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“MEDIS – Mediterranean Inclusive Schools – News Bulletin” “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, Cyprus

The project coordinator, World University Service of the Mediterranean (WUSMED) and the partners from six European countries (Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria) continued in 2019-2020 to work closely for supporting the social and educational inclusion of children with migrant background, by promoting through the MEDIS project, skills and methodologies to be adapted by the teachers and students. The work that has been done the lasts months, reflects the efforts of the Consortium for establishing a strong network and ensuring sustainability of the project.

MEDIS 4th Partnership meeting, November 2019, Palermo-Italy

“Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center and partners, under the coordination of World University Service of the Mediterranean (WUSMED) working full-power on the project Mediterranean Inclusive Schools Programme (MEDIS) to strengthen the social cohesion of the newly arrived migrants through adapted teaching skills and inclusive methodologies by the educators and classmates. A number of schools in Cyprus are already on board of MEDIS' journey of inclusion.

Info Day promoting the social and educational inclusion of migrant children

The students of the elementary school of Agios Ioannis in Malounta have organised an info day promoting the social and educational inclusion of migrant children through understanding and multiculturalism. The event is part of a series of activities in the framework of the project MEDIS-Mediterranean Inclusive Schools, of which "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center is a partner, aimed at strengthening the social cohesion and intercultural education of the newly arrived migrants. The project is co- funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the EC.

MEDIS– Policy Recommendations on the educational & social inclusion of children with migrant background: The Case of Cyprus

Hope For Children and CARDET proceeded in April and May 2020 with interviews with the stakeholders, for the purposes of the MEDIS policy recommendations/ guidelines discussion & feedback. This procedure aimed to facilitate the preparation of the final MEDIS Policy Recommendations document to be prepared jointly by the consortium and to be presented at the end of the project.

In this regard, 14 stakeholders coming from professional backgrounds related to education and with experience in working with migrant children such as: teachers, researchers, educational psychologists, social workers, educators, etc, have been interviewed by CARDET and HFC.

Due to Covid-19 and the governmental restrictions, both organisations held online and telephone interviews. After the completion of the interviews, CARDET and HFC, propose a joint list of Policy Recommendations.

You may find the full version of Policy Recommendations for the Case of Cyprus here.


👉 For more information and good practices of the MEDIS Project, you can visit the website at: https://medisinclusiveschools.eu/

👉  Stay tuned! The website will be soon available in Greek language!

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