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Press Conference for the establishment of Mediation Service Cyprus

The “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO), realized a Press Conference in regards to the establishment of cross-border family Mediation Service Cyprus, on 28/8/2018, at “Classic Hotel” Nicosia. The press conference attended the Commissioner for Administration and Human Rights (Ombudsman), representatives the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, the Social Welfare Services, the Police and the Law Office of the Republic.

The Mediation Service was established within the frame of the European Program 116000-Mediation Service Cyprus which is coordinated by SPAVO and falls under the Missing Children Hotline 116000. The European harmonized line is operated by the consortium HFC and SPAVO. Mediation is a non-judicial procedure for the settlement of conflicts in cases of separation, divorce and/or conflict and lack of communication aiming the welfare of the child.

During his greeting, Mr. Demetris Demetriou Deputy Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Legal Affairs, mentioned that the House of Representatives is already discussing a legislative proposal in order for mediation to become the way of resolving family conflicts while at the same time congratulated both Organizations for the establishment of the Service.

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