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Project scope:

IA-CHILD: Procedural safeguards of accused or suspected children - Improving the implementation of the right to individual assessment aims at exploring the legal regulation and practice regarding the individual assessment of suspected or accused children in criminal procedure (IA) of 4 EU countries: Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania (Partners); identifying best practice and major challenges; preparation of recommendations on the improvement; increasing mutual knowledge among expertspractitioners doing and using IA.


  1. To prepare the national reports on situation of IA based on the analysis of national, EU and international legal regulation, relevant scientific, practical literature, statistical data, models applied, expert interviews.
  2. 3 workshops of experts (doing IA, using IA, both group together).
  3. E-training: preparation of e-training material; video filming and dissemination.
  4. Handbook on IA covering comparative analysis and good practice of major topics of the process and content of IA from national reports;
  5. Final international conference in Vilnius.

Expected results

  • Increase of the knowledge on different models of IA in the EU countries, exchange of good practice
  • Better protection of child’s rights, anticipation and ensuring of his/her needs in the criminal procedure
  • Contribution to more efficient implementation of the Directive 2016/800
  • New contacts and networks of professionals working in the field of IA.

Funding reference:

The IA - CHILD project is co-financed by the Justice Programme of the European Commission (Ref. JUST-JACC-AG-2017).

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