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INTEGRA: Multidisciplinary Mentorship program to support the entrepreneurship of children in care and young care leavers

INTEGRA addresses the need to equip residential care professionals to successfully support the social and professional integration of minors leaving care-systems. This will be achieved by developing tools that will a) build the capacity of such professionals as Leaving Care Mentors, and b) support sustainable multi-agent collaboration.

The INTEGRA Mentoring Integration Programme (MIP) envisions a personalized participatory framework, where the mentor has the role to guide, connect, mediate, support the children in the restoration process of new reference points (in the absence of the old ones like family, culture, friends) for his/her future socio-economic and cultural inclusion as an persona integra into the community.

The direct beneficiaries are caregivers and legal guardians of minors in residential care. These will be trained to cultivate trust, and work with the minors on a tailored plan of resilience and goal projection. The project will train caregivers as Leaving Care Mentors; establish cooperation networks and develop a Platform 4 Cooperation between target groups and stakeholders all part of INTEGRA’s integration programme from each ageing-out children will directly benefit.

Funding reference:

INTEGRA is a project co-financed by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Commission (ref. REC-AG-2017/REC-RCHI-PROF-AG-2017-785703)

For more information please visit the INTEGRA website on https://integra.uncrcpc.org/

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