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Short film “Watch Over Me” – #speakup Against Child Sexual Abuse

This short film “Watch Over Me”, Directed by Leah Kayaleh and Written and Financed by Leah Kayaleh and Rani Kayaleh was made to raise awareness, and we warmly thank them for giving us the means to sensitize the public about the nature of child sexual abuse.

You can watch the short film by visiting this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCSQN112gvw

Do you know what a secret is?

Talk to your child about good and bad secrets. Encourage them to tell someone they trust about secrets that make them feel uncomfortable.

Do you know what MY secret is?

Love and hate can be mixed when a child is sexually abused. Ambivalence is one of the main conditions they describe.

Teach your child to love themselves and say NO when something makes them feel uncomfortable. Explain to your child that they do not have to say YES to be loved and that people will still accept them even when they say NO.

Can you really hear me?

Silence allows violence to continue. Fear, ambivalence and the feeling of guilt keep sexual abuse a secret. Observe your child, assess their needs, and encourage them to speak up. Pay attention to your child’s verbal and non-verbal communication and build a relationship of trust where they can feel safe and protected. Children will never disclose sexual abuse if they fear you won’t believe them.

Don’t forget! Child Sexual Abuse happens mostly within the circle of people we trust! Observe and monitor all the relationships your child has with adults and encourage your child to inform you if they do not want to keep in contact with certain people.
If you are concerned that a child is sexually abused, feel free to contact “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center on a 24/7 basis at 22103234 to receive guidance and support, or send a message through the online chat at www.uncrcpc.org.cy.

Or you can inform the Police or the Social Welfare Services and the team working at the Children’s House will be close to you to support and guide you.

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