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The INTEGRA MIP (Mentoring & Integration Programme)

The MIP (Mentoring & Integration Programme) is an online interactive tool available in English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian). It can be accessed through the Resources page of the INTEGRA website https://integra.uncrcpc.org/resources/
and directly through http://integra.projectsgallery.eu/mip/

The Mentoring Integration Program (MIP) outlines a set of activities that can be performed by the Leaving Care Professionals (LCP) or other stakeholders working with young people in care to better support the transition and integration as independent adults. The offline version here published includes a User Guide to support the Leaving Care Professionals to use the MIP platform and provide mentoring services and workshops to the Care Leavers (CLs). The structure of the guide is the following: 1. How to access the MIP platform and how to use it 2. MIP and the findings of the white paper 3. Assessment tools (the offline and the online assessment and skills necessary for running the offline assessment) 4. Planning for development (workshops and mentoring activities and skills necessary to run mentoring activities or workshops)

The MIP is structured according nine pillars: 1. Education 2. Community Participation and Relationships 3. Health 4. Communication and Cultural Awareness 5. Career and Employment 6. Financial/Money Management Skills 7. Self-determination, Autonomy Skills, and Teenagers’ Development 8. Bureaucracy, Legislation, and Networking 9. Housing.

You may find the INTEGRA Mentoring & Integration Programme here and the Assessment Toolkit/Offline Assessment here.

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