Welcome to our page, entirely dedicated to the rights of the child. In the world of Hope For Children UNCRC Policy Centre, children can freely express themselves and participate in decisions, away from any forms of abuse, exploitation and violence. For us, all children are equal, but some need additional protection and care because of their even more vulnerable position in society. That is why we cooperate with professionals to provide psychological support and counselling services, as well as recommendations for policies and legislation. Alongside our many projects and campaigns we implement grassroots programmes for and with children that have the aim of empowering youth and in turn strengthening civil society. In HFC we believe that there is scope for improvement so that children can claim and fully enjoy their rights.

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome once again to the hub of children’s rights.

We hope that you will appreciate our work and that by the end of your visit you will be able to find the child within you!

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