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Advocacy & Awareness

Advocating for children's rights and raising awareness about the issues they face are crucial steps towards achieving meaningful change. Through our Advocacy & Awareness initiatives, we work to influence policies, laws, and practices that impact children's well-being. We collaborate with local and international stakeholders to advocate for stronger child protection measures, access to education, and the elimination of barriers that hinder children's development. We also engage communities through campaigns, workshops, and events to foster a deeper understanding of children's rights and promote a culture of child protection.


Our Research and Development Division has been conducting research and implementing various European and international projects in direct contact with our target group and general public through capacity-building activities (training, seminars, workshops, internships and volunteering programmes), awareness raising and dissemination activities (conferences and other public events). It also engages with the development of policy recommendations and advocacy actions on the rights of the child.

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