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Education is a fundamental right of every child. At Hope For Children, we believe that access to quality education is essential for breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering children to build a brighter future. We strive to improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged children, especially those living in marginalized communities. Through our educational programs, we provide resources, infrastructure, and training to ensure that children have the chance to learn and develop vital skills to be able to protect themselves from various violations.


Beat Bullying Program 

The Program aims to raise public awareness in the educational community through the development of methods of identification, prevention and handling of bullying incidents. HFC delivers seminars to parents and training in schools for the establishment of peer-to-peer support groups.


CRC Campus Club 

The purpose of the CRC Campus Club is to educate children on their rights established in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and highlight current issues young people face in which these rights are violated. Under the supervision of professionals from “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and a coordinating teacher from the corresponding school, students that are in secondary education level meet on a weekly basis to explore various issues, such as cyber bullying, abuse, and gender-based violence, understanding how these issues affect young people and how they are in violation of their rights, and what they can do to exercise their rights as young people and stop these violations from occurring to themselves and their peers.  


Non-formal Education activities

We provide a variety of experiential workshops based on the method of non-formal education to children of all educational levels.

Through non- form education activities we aim to promote effective prevention and handling of violence in schools / educational context, as well as behaviors that may violate the rights of children (e.g. racism, sexual violence, bullying, etc.).


These preventing actions focus among others on combating discrimination, racism, and violence, and  on the development of social, emotional and communicational skills, as well as to raise awareness and enhance critical thinking of children and adolescents.

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