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FA.B! Project

FA.B! - FAmily Based care for children in migration is a transnational project aimed at supporting the improvement and expansion of quality alternative family-based care system for unaccompanied migrant children in 5 European frontline Mediterranean Countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Malta and Cyprus.

This project brings together 6 partners (CIDIS and Fondazione ISMU from Italy, Hope For Children from Cyprus, JRS from Malta, Por Causa from Spain and KMOP from Greece) and it is supported by 9 public authorities, including the Social Welfare Services of the Republic of Cyprus.

FA.B! strives to fill the existing gap between the awareness of the best solution for unaccompanied minors, which includes family-based care programs, and its application, intervening on critical aspects of establishing this alternative system to reception centers.

The key-actions of the project are:

  • transfer of know-how and spread knowledges and expertise on good practices, methodologies and tools to provide quality family-based practices and tailored services to children’s individual needs;

  • enhancement of competences of professionals and all actors involved in the family-based system;

  • awareness raising among civil society and stakeholders about the beneficial aspects of this alternative system;

  • qualification of local systems.

Visit our dedicated website to learn more:

Funding reference

FA.B! - FAmily Based care for children in migration (ref. 958056) is co-funded by the AMIF Programme of the European Union



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